Spring 2014

The London Ladies had a great Spring season with visits to Kensington Palace, the Tower of London and the Royal Hospital Chelsea, where Bill our guide for the afternoon, took us on a two hour tour visit around the Hospital grounds, the Wren Chapel and the Great Hall.

Our ongoing programme of Thursday talks at Peter Jones, included presentations by Julia Boyd - A Dance with the Dragon, her fascinating book about Peking's foreign community at the beginning of the 20th century. Gemma Darlington talked about jewellery design from the early 20th century. Patrick Hyatt's presentation was about the Lucky and the Losers, loosely based on Stephen King's paper on ageing populations and the inevitable battle for resources with the younger generation. There were chocolates from Godiva, "Celebrating your life" in film with Jonathan Crane and Bupa Cromwell Hospital sponsored Dr Rajeev Dhar who talked about "Keeping your mind healthy and the early triggers to watch out for".

On 17th February, the London Ladies went to the Museum of London to see the extraordinary Cheapside Hoard.  Before visiting the exhibition, the curator Hazel Forsyth,  explained how after laying hidden in a cellar for 300 years,  the world's largest and most exquisite cache of Elizabethan and early Stuart jewellery came to light.  A century after its discovery, the Cheapside Hoard is on display in its entirety. An extraordinary exhibition of exquisite gem stones and craftsmanship.

Our Spring programme ended with a fabulous champagne tea at the Millennium Hotel Mayfair, hosted by Mr Grant Harrold, former butler to HRH The Prince of Wales where we celebrated a very busy and interesting 20 years of the London Ladies Club.