Summer 2016

The Summer of 2016, saw the London Ladies follow in Churchill’s footsteps.  In April, The Hon. Celia Sandys came to speak to us at the Army & Navy Club. The daughter of Sir Winston’s eldest daughter Diana and the Cabinet Minister Duncan Sandys, Celia’s fascinating talk drew on her vast and intimate knowledge of the great man’s personal and political life and prepared us for our visit to Chartwell in June. Sadly, on the day we visited Chartwell, it was pouring with rain but it didn’t dampen our spirits and we were able to enjoy our private tour before the house opened to the public. Other visits, included the magnificent Syon House and Park, a private guided tour of the Supreme Court, atheatrical walk through Whitehall to discover how the Suffragettes campaigned for the rights of women and an elegant, exclusive evening at the new Dior Boutique in Covent Garden. The programme of Tuesdays talks also took on a Churchillian theme when Rodney J. Croft came to speak about Operation Hope Not, the State and Private Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. We were also delighted to welcome Rathbones who spoke about the Changing face of the City, Hamish Brown MBE, a leading authority on Stalking and other forms of harassment. Leonora Service gave us a brief history of painting on walls and John Donald, one of the most innovative jewellers of the twentieth century came to present hisbook “Precious Statements”.