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“Some months ago I sat beside a woman on a bus.   Three months later, I met her again and she asked if she could put my name up to an organisation which arranged talks and lectures, no money, small audience. I said yes.   I am so glad I did. From the beginning I was handled with tact and courtesy. I would speak in the wonderful acoustics of a room in a grand old service club – and then I wondered. Considerable time has elapsed.   What if I made a mess of this ?   “Oh well” said friends ”it’s liked riding a bike – “ Said Bunslove drily “I bet most of them can’t ride bikes, let alone speak in public.”   But if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t do it again.

So came the day and I dressed down, took it all off and dressed up (never let any audience think they don’t matter to you) and we had a fine time – laughter and tears and applause.   Better than riding a bike.”

Thank you Anna, we loved having you.

Clint Jack founded Blackamoor, based on the principal of high-quality service.  He has a wealth of experience within the high jewellery sector, locating some rare and unique pieces and delivering tailor-made services for clients.   

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Blackamoor and partners provide expertise in various arenas: fine and high jewellery, diamonds, precious gemstones, works of art, sculpture, bronze, vintage time pieces, and decorative art, where Clint Jack has key access to unique pieces giving provenance and certification of the items being sourced. Clint is known to have a flair for matching the style and personality of his clients with carefully selected items of jewellery rather than settling for generic pieces.

Blackamoor currently operates through an exclusive word of mouth network. The business builds brand awareness primarily through e-commerce and exclusive events.  Personalised service is the major brand asset, based on clients getting to know Clint Jack personally, and leading to a unique personalised service. 

Clint is presently working with a historical jewellery company based in India, representing Indian royal families who have Mughal jewellery from the 17th -20th centuries. Specifically, the 20th century pieces, when the desire for inherently Indian designs shifted to a more westernised appreciation, as the Maharajas would visit the top European jewellery houses for bespoke commissions, desiring the cut and style of the Art Deco period.


Four years ago Sergeant Les Jackson of Richmond Police helped a lady in her eighties who had just been scammed out of her life savings. He was so appalled by the callousness of the crime and the effect it had on the victim’s confidence, that he organised a whip-round amongst his colleagues, raising enough money to support her until her next pension payment. As a result of that terrible event, Sergeant Jackson launched a series of events to alert elderly and vulnerable people to the danger of this type of scam. So far over 120 events have been held culminating in an event at Twickenham Rugby Stadium which attracted over  624 people and was attended by Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, Gloria Hunniford and Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith.

When Les started his anti scams campaign Richmond was the worst-hit borough, now, Richmond no longer even features on the list. Les has now retired and is now working with trueCall to continue running these seminars. In the 2019 New Years Honours Les was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service and he was recently elected to the Richmond Safer Neighbourhood Board.

ScamSafe is a trueCall project that delivers talks to community groups around London and the South East of the UK, warning about the danger of scams. 

The talks cover doorstep crime, telephone scams, postal scams and cyber scams.

The talks are delivered to groups of 50 – 100 people by Sgt Les Jackson (ret.). Les has run over 120 similar events for the Metropolitan Police when he was a serving officer, helping over 16,000 people stay safe from scams.


Caring is more than just a job. It’s more than going for the prescriptions; it’s more than doing the shopping or helping the person you care for dress. It’s a commitment to someone you love. It’s supporting their emotional and physical needs and helping them retain their pride and dignity.

Our vision is that every unpaid carer in the areas in which we operate is recognised and leads a healthy, fulfilling life with control over their caring role.

Aimsof the Carers network :

1. Carers Network delivers more of the high quality services that carers tell us they want to receive

2. Carers Network reaches more carers at the times when they most need our help

3. Carers Network is a sustainable organisation with a good base of diversified funding and strong staff skills.

To find out more about the carers network :


London 50+ Fashion Week.  What a wonderful idea ! 


Be Happy !

Let's take action for a Happier World

Churchill's Final Farewell.

The State and Private Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill.


The first book ever written with its sole subject the State and Private Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill.
2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Churchill's death and his funeral and 70 years since the death of his
Father, Randolph Churchill who died on the same day as Winston, January 24th, in 1895.
2015 is also the 70th anniversaryof the end of World War Two in which Churchill played such a pivotal role
and the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo and the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt.

Churchil's Final Farewell is available on Kindle, Kobo, iTunes and epub.



The Chelsea Physic Gardens

Situated in the heart of London, Chelsea Physic Garden has a unique living collection of around 5,000 different edible, useful, medicinal and historical plants. This ‘hidden gem’ is also a peaceful green oasis in which to enjoy a relaxing stroll with an award-winning Café and a Book & Gift Shop.


London’s oldest botanic garden, Chelsea Physic Garden was founded  in 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries for the purpose of training apprentices in identifying plants. It subsequently became one of the most important centres of botany and plant exchange in the world. Click here to visit their website.



The London Ladies Club is a proud member of FIWAL The Federation of International Women’s Associations in London  an umbrella organization comprising 28 clubs and associations based in London. Its role is to provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and expertise between its members organisations.

FIWAL members are most welcome to join the members of the London Ladies Club for our programme of activities.  We extend the special privilege of Member's price for the Tuesday Talks only.  FIWAL members are welcome to join the external Events by paying the non member's price.